Palmarès 2011

Les lauréats ERC 2011 en délégation Alpes

Starting grants

  • Olivier ARCIZET, chercheur CNRS à l'Institut Néel (CNRS)
    HQ-NOM Hybrid Quantum Nano-Optomechanics
  • Jacek KASPRZAK, chercheur CNRS à l'Institut Néel (CNRS)
    PICSEN Propagative and Internal Coherence in Semiconductor Nanostructures
  • Wilfried THUILLER, chercheur CNRS au LECA (CNRS / UJF / U.Savoie)
    TEEMBIO Toward Eco-Evolutionary Models for BIOdiversity scenarios
  • Wiebken GUICHARD, chercheur UJF à l’Institut Néel (CNRS)
    FREQUJOC Superconducting electronics with quantum phase-slips in Josephson junction chains
  • Stéphane REDON, chercheur INRIA au LJK (CNRS / Grenoble INP / UJF / UPMF / INRIA)
    ADAPT Theory and Algorithms for Adaptive Particle Simulation
  • Manuel THERY, chercheur CEA au LPCV (CNRS / CEA / UJF / INRIA)
    SPICY Spatial Integration in Cell Cytoskeleton
  • Vincent ARTERO, chercheur CEA au LCBM (CNRS / CEA / UJF)
    PHOTOCATH2ODE  Gathering organic and hybrid photovoltaics with artificial photosynthesis for Photo-Electro-Chemical production of hydrogen

Advanced grants

  • Jérôme CHAPPELLAZ,  chercheur CNRS au LGGE (CNRS / UJF)
    ICE&LASERS Innovative Concepts for Extracting climate and atmospheric composition records from polar ice cores using new LASER Sensors
  • Marie-Paule CANI, chercheur Grenoble INP au LJK (CNRS / Grenoble INP / UJF / UPMF / INRIA)
    EXPRESSIVE EXPloring REsponsive Shapes for Seamless desIgn of Virtual Environments be retained
  • Jean-Louis BARRAT, chercheur UJF au LIPhy (CNRS / UJF)
    Glassdef Driven glasses: from statistical physics to materials properties