Palmarès 2012

Les lauréats ERC 2012 en délégation Alpes

Starting Grants

  • Tristan MEUNIER, chercheur CNRS à l'Institut Néel (CNRS)
    QSPINMOTION Quantum coherence and manipulation of a single flying electron spin
  • David MONNIAUX, chercheur CNRS à VERIMAG (CNRS / UJF / Grenoble INP)
    STATOR STATic analysis with ORiginal methods
  • Paul SCHANDA, chercheur CEA à l’IBS (CNRS / CEA / UJF)
    ProtDyn2Function Functional protein dynamics studied by solution- and solid-state NMR spectroscopy

Proof of concept

  • Jérôme BOISBOUVIER, chercheur CNRS à l’IBS (CNRS / CEA / UJF)
    NMR-Bio Commercialization and Dissemination of Innovative Isotopic Labelling Solutions and Services for the NMR Studies of Important Protein Targets
  • Catherine PICART, chercheur Grenoble INP au LMGP (CNRS / Grenoble INP)
    OSCODI OSteo-inductive COating of orthopedic and Dental Implants


Advanced Grants

  • Marek POTEMSKI, chercheur CNRS au LNCMI (CNRS)
    MOMB Magneto-optics of layered materials: exploring many-body physics in electronic systems with unconventional bands
  • Pierre COMON, chercheur CNRS au GIPSA-lab (CNRS / Grenoble INP / UJF / U. Stendhal)
    DECODA Tensor Decompositions for Data Analysis, with applications to health and environment
  • Gérard BESSON, chercheur CNRS à l’Institut Fourier (CNRS / UJF)
    GETOM Geometry and Topology of Open Manifolds
  • Christian JUTTEN, chercheur UJF à GIPSA-lab (CNRS / Grenoble-INP / UJF / U.Stendhal / INRIA / UPMF)
    CHESS Challenges in Extraction and Separation of Sources
  • Cordelia SCHMID, chercheur INRIA au LJK (CNRS / Grenoble INP / UJF / UPMF / INRIA)
    ALLEGRO Active large-scale learning for visual recognition
  • Stephen CUSACK, chercheur EMBL à l’UVHCI (CNRS / EMBL / UJF)
    V-RNA Two facets of viral RNA: mechanistic studies of transcription and replication by influenza-like viral polymerases and detection by the innate immune system
  • Radu HORAUD, chercheur INRIA au LJK (CNRS / Grenoble INP / UJF / UPMF / INRIA)
    VHIA Vision and Hearing in Action