Palmarès 2013


Les lauréats ERC 2013 en délégation Alpes

Starting grant

  • Xavier BONFILS, chercheur CNRS à l'IPAG (CNRS/UJF)
    ExTrA Exoplanets in Transit and their Atmosphere

Consolidator grants

  • Philippe MARMOTTANT, chercheur CNRS au LIPhy (CNRS/UJF)
    BubbleBoost Microfluidic bubbles for novel applications: acoustic laser and ultrasonically controlled swimming microrobots
  • Mohamed-Ali HAKIMI, chercheur INSERM au LAPM (CNRS/UJF)
    HostingTOXO Toxoplasma gondii secretes an armada of effector proteins to coopt its host cell transcriptome and microRNome to promote sustained parasitism

Advanced grant

  • Jean-Luc SCHWARTZ, chercheur CNRS au GIPSA-lab (CNRS/Grenoble INP/UJF/U.Stendhal)
    Speech Unit(e)s The multisensory-motor unity of speech